Tuesday, 5 July 2016


When you got too much in your head and you just stare at your device, not knowing which one you're going to share.

Um...... I just found pictures of Wijayakusuma flowers, and yeaah lemme just type about them, my besties during the exams. Here you go, folks!

Tadaa! So, I took tha' pictures when there were 19 FLOWERS BLOOMING FROM THREE POT, AT THE SAME TIME. It was 11.30 PM or, just call it midnight, and I was upstairs, at the balcony, staring at the stars, hazek. And suddenly I smell something so magical and familiar AND I KNOW AND I RAN DOWN AND FOUND MY LOVELIES AT THEIR BEST...

It was so so so wangi. Tiga bunga saja yang mekar wanginya minta ampun apalagi 19. Then, as you can see, I'd love to take half of them (or even less) and bring them into my room or my Mama's room, leaving me dimabuk kepayang hahaha.

And do you know, the flower itself didn't bloom except on midnight, and they didn't stay long, only for few hours. And they are so tragically soft and elegant at their flawlessly white. For me, Wijayakusuma is a kind of flower a water god would wear behind her ear, the kind of flower that has mild and pure beauty. They seems like fall from heaven...

By the way, they blooms like two times or (rarely) three times a week, when I was having my exams, but now I think it is not their season to bloom anymore.
And since I'm really a night owl... I found them as blessings! 💖

Bye bye, folks! Feeling like writing new post yay!👊👊👊
Wishing you a very happy and blessed day,


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